Manifesting Prosperity for the (716) and Beyond

Buffalo since ALWAYS

For some, it’s a given, but for me, it’s the place I now call Home. I grew up on the move, shuttled from one town to another with my single mom, and later, from one foster home to the next. I thought marrying young would bring stability, but our lives remained transient, hopping from state to state as career opportunities dictated.

Then, in 2011, I moved to Buffalo. My husband has family in Niagara Falls and we wanted to be closer to them. I settled into an apartment above Jim’s Steakout at the corner of Elmwood and Allen and I fell in love – with the downtown vibe, the welcoming people, and the amazing food.

And that’s when I knew – Buffalo was Home.

In 2016, I made it official. I purchased an apartment building, my own little slice of the city, just a short walk away from Allentown.

Then, the unexpected happened. Covid struck, and work life as we knew it was turned upside down. Many people didn’t return to their old jobs. Instead, they harnessed their creativity, their resilience, and started new ventures. Maybe you’re one of them. That could be why you’re here, right?

This maturing wave of Covid-era entrepreneurship is driving an exciting and revitalizing change in our city. But half of them won’t make it to year 5. I want to be a part of changing that statistic for Western New York. 

These emerging businesses, an integral part of our economy, are the lifeline of our community, shaping its future and providing essential support. But starting a business is a complex process, often leaving new entrepreneurs in need of mentorship. I saw this as an opportunity to give back to my community through my work. That’s where our ‘Giving Back to Buffalo’ mentoring programs come from. We offer hands-on business and financial mentoring to help you navigate the complexities of running a business.

But Success Positive is more than just a business service. It’s a commitment to our community. By helping one business at a time, we’re manifesting prosperity for all of Western New York. When one of us succeeds, we all do.

Success Positive is my love letter to Buffalo. It’s an invitation to join us in Helping Businesses GROW. Together, we can build not just successful businesses, but a prosperous community. 

The future starts today. Let’s get building.