Data Analyses

  1. Data Analysis: This typically involves inspecting, cleaning, transforming, and modeling data to discover useful information and support decision-making. It can involve a variety of techniques in different names, like data mining, business or data analytics, and business intelligence.
  2. Financial Analysis: If you’re looking at financial health, we can help with things like understanding financial statements, calculating ratios for profitability analysis, cash flow analysis, and more.
  3. Competitive Analysis: We can guide you in identifying your competitors and evaluating their strategies to determine their strengths and weaknesses relative to those of your own product or service.
  4. Statistical Analysis: We can help you understand the appropriate statistical tests to run for different types of data, how to interpret the results, and more.
  5. Website Analytics: If you’re running a website, we can look at things like user behavior, conversion rates, bounce rates, and more.
  6. SEO Analysis: We can look at your website’s SEO, from meta tags to keyword usage, backlinks, and more.
  7. Market Analysis: We can look at the state of a market, including trends, key competitors, customer behaviors, and more.

Data Strategies

  1. Digital Strategy: Ranging from building a digital presence, optimizing your website for conversions, to implementing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.
  2. Keyword Strategy: Developing a list of targeted, relevant keywords based on your business and customers.
  3. Content Strategy: Planning, creating, and managing engaging content that’s valuable to your audience and optimized for search engines.
  4. Technical SEO Strategy: Ensuring your website’s design, architecture, and technology are optimized for search engines. This can include improving site speed, mobile optimization and more.
  5. Link Building Strategy: Creating a plan to earn high-quality backlinks that drive referral traffic and increase your site’s authority.
  6. Local SEO Strategy: If you serve clients in a specific area, we can optimize your website for local searches to attract more local customers.
  7. SEO Maintenance Strategy: Tracking your website’s performance using analytics tools to continuously improve your SEO efforts.