Build Your Credit

Starting a Business without much cash?

Building your credit is a key step. Here’s your easy guide to getting set for success:

Pay Bills on Time: Show you’re trustworthy — always pay on time, even if it’s the minimum.

Work Out Debts: Reach out to companies you owe money to and agree on a payment plan. Keep it real and only commit to what you can afford.

Use Secured Credit Cards Smartly: A secured credit card can be a stepping stone to build credit. It works like a credit card but is backed by a cash deposit you make upfront.

Save and Budget: Every penny counts. Know where your money goes and start saving.

Learn About Credit: Get the lowdown on how credit works and what affects your score.

Consider Extra Income: Whether it’s a side hustle or part-time work, extra cash means more to invest in your dreams.

Plan Your Business: Have a rock-solid plan to guide your journey and impress lenders.

Want to know more or need help plotting the next steps? Give us a shout at Success Positive, LLC. Let’s turn your business dreams into action!


Carley Martha

CPA/CFE/CFO Pathfinder

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